Speed fascinates us. We love watching movie series like Fast & Furious, Dhoom or play games like Need For Speed. Have you ever noticed the zeal it ignites in the spectator when a driver in Fast & Furious presses the button on the control board & the car just shoots at lightning speed. Although, we are quiet familiar with NOS, have you ever wondered how does it happens? A mysterious liquid is being injected in the engine leading a car blast ahead at lightning speed. To make this simpler, let’s first understand NOS. It stands for Nitrous Oxide System. Oxygen is a supportive element for burning. The efficiency of combustion is directly proportional to the amount of oxygen injected.

NOS injected in engine leads to sudden increase in the oxygen, boosting fuel combustion & resulting in powerful engine performance. However, too much Nitrous oxide kills the engine. It is said that one can keep nitrous going for a maximum of 15 seconds at a stretch. Simply stating, the speed of the vehicle can be increased only until the engine is compatible with the absorbance of nitrous oxide.

This is what is with vehicles. But can we apply the NOS cylinder to our businesses? Can we with one button push kick our business to running at lightning speed? In case you have doubts, let’s set them clear. We absolutely can!

As NOS is to vehicles, Biltzscaling is for businesses. The word blitz comes from Blitzkreg strategy designed by the German army during World War II. Using this technique, the German army abandoned traditional approach of warfare & marched at lightning speed accepting the possibility of running out of fuel, ammunition & risking defeat.

Blitzscaling is a strategy & set of techniques used for driving & managing extremely rapid growth that prioritize speed over efficiency in an environment of uncertainty. Put other way, it’s an accelerant that allows your company to grow at furious pace that knocks the competition out of the water.

Amazon’s rapid growth from 151 employees with a revenue of $5.1 mn in 1996 to 7600 employees with revenue of $1.64 bn in 1999 is an example of Blitzscaling. That is a whopping 50 times increase in staff & 322 times increase in revenue within a span of 3 years. And that’s something! You might be wondering this technique is a magic wand for accelerating growth of businesses at extraordinary speed. Yes, it is. But to be able to work the wand, we need to know the right spell.

As we know excess NOS at stretch is harmful for the engine, Blitzscaling without a proper system in place, long term approach, strategic decision making & due consideration for the repercussions of the same can be harmful if not lethal. Inefficiency in terms of no profit or less profit in the initial stage of business will always keep haunting the entrepreneurs mindset. But one needs to keep going, whilst exercising the right moves. Amazon was incurring losses for quite a few years but they continued to blitzscale keeping in view the long term profitability.

So, you’ve chalked your journey & are growing & thriving at a faster rate than your competitor (which punches you in the stomach & worries you) – hold on tight. Who knows! You might be blitzscaling.

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