1) Availability of readymade office-like space

When you decide to open an office for the business/service you wish to sell and advocate, You have to jump through a lot of hoops, like – scanning locations, contacting brokers, entering long term contracts with owners, spending on infrastructure etc. Whereas, you could simply opt for the easier option- of joining a coworking space. Doing so, you wouldn’t have to jump through any hoops. You could directly focus solely on your business.

2) Coworking space helps scaling up easily

When your team size increases, you need to upgrade to a larger space in order to accommodate new members. Instead, opt for a coworking company that ensures a smooth transition of space enlargement, one that is efficient and has enough inventory to cater to your needs.

3) Coworkingspace Accessibility

Many a time the energy and time of the employees is spent on travelling through heavy traffic in peak official hours. Coworking space that have multiple locations and ones that provide flexibility of working through spaces that are near to residences of employees are the right fit, ensuring maximum productivity and minimum wastage of resources.


4) Coworking space that provide community driven eco systems

You would prefer being in an environment that is diverse, this ensures a sense of community as well as opens doors to new avenues and opportunities. Sharing of knowledge from multiple disciplines develops a wider and more open thought process.

5) Coworking space helps in conversion of fixed cost into operational cost

Due to paucity of funds lot of Start-ups do not have money to incur on fixed assets like furniture, table, chairs, renovation etc. Coworking space helps its members to convert fixed office cost into operational cost. It helps its members pay in trances by charging membership fees monthly.

6) Coworking space provides Core vs Flexi option

Head office of the company could be the core office. Looking for options that that helps your employees work from any nook and corner of the city as per convenience is the real deal breaker. You would want to be associated with a coworking company that helps you save rental cost by giving flexible options in out skirts of the city where rental costs are lower.


7) Coworking space helps you to focus on your core business activity

Office set ups require frequent cleaning, maintenance of office staff, cafeteria, AC maintenance, WIFI etc. leads to focus being diverted from core business activity. Let this not affect your focus, choose a company that takes care of the essential yet not-core activities for you.

8) Community engagement at workplace

Community involvement as well as engagement brightens up our spirits, refreshes the mind and leaves us with a cohesive sense of being. You should look for a coworking space that conducts activities like local-international festivals, competitions, seminars and workshops etc. Human being, at the end of the day is a social animal. Virtual engagement is the norm today, but the good old days are reminiscent as well. Also, all these mood uplifters surely do positively affect productivity.

9) Coworking space provides higher rental yield to owners

Effective utilisation of per sq. ft space leads to increase in number of seats thereby leading to a higher revenue. And ultimately, a higher revenue means higher rentals for asset owners.


10) Coworking space leads to cost efficiency

A fixed cost on WIFI, cafeteria, staff salary, rental etc gets divided amongst multiple members hiring the space, thus leading to cost efficiency. This also means an economy of scale.

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