Do you remember childhood days when we were trying to learn to ride a bicycle? How many times did you fall? How many times did you scrape your knee? Right from driving in that deserted open plot until you could ride amidst heavy traffic on a Monday morning! Definitely sounds like one ordeal but wouldn’t you agree that it was all worth it in the end?

It is quite rightly said that, the magnitude of success is largely dependent on how many times you fail in your life.If someone is fairing better at an activity or skill than you, it’s undoubtedly likely that she/he has failed way more times than you. They may have experienced failure, but while doing so, they also had multiple learning experiences.

“We can be truly successful at something we are willing to fail at. If we are unwilling to fail, then we are unwilling to succeed”

Don’t you think that most of our proudest moments in life meet us during our greatest adversities?

These adverse conditions make us stronger, more resilient and more humble by the day. They ground us. Cancer survivors tend to feel stronger after winning their battel for survival. While training in a gym, one needs to endure physical pain to build the desired body and fitness. Similarly, emotional endurance is necessarily tested for psychological growth.

Fear, anxiety, sadness maybe undesirable but they may also be necessary for your eventual growth. They teach some of life’s most vital lessons, typically the hard way.

The Do something principle

Stuck in a rut? The problem won’t budge? Don’t know what to do!?

Just start working on it. It may seem impossibly so as to where to start, as clarity would sound like a farfetched word; the simple act of sitting down to deal with the problem, working on it- will lead to a flow state of mind and eventually the right solution will pop up.

Try not burden wing yourself with too Mandy tasks and huge projects at the same time. Sort the huge projects in bite size tasks that are manageable on a daily basis. This would give you the required boost in confidence and also provide you with a winning attitude.

Rather than- Inspiration -> Motivation -> Action.
Choose-It should happen Action-> Inspiration -> Motivation.

In the middle of this existential shit storm as everything appears meaningless and you’ve got no idea what’s next, hurting yourself while chasing false dreams; don’t know what’s next- the answer is the same – Do something.

This blog is inspired from the book – The subtle art of not giving a fuck – Mark Manso
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