Ever played a Domino Game? I recently got an opportunity to play with my niece. I thought it would be fairly simple. I started with arranging the dominoes vertically. My niece warned me not to take the game so easily. I continued otherwise. After half of the dominoes had been arranged, one suddenly fell which lead to the sequential fall of all others.

My niece was right; she opened the trade secrets. She told me to arrange the dominoes in sets and keep enough distance between the sets by keeping aside one domino. So that even if I were to falter only one set would fall. Also, instead of placing a domino directly inside the set she asked me to place it straight sideways and then nudge it inside. Finally, to my niece’s relief, rules were learnt and all basic art arrangements sorted. As the game began, I was just surprised to see free fall of the dominoes.

Every domino represents small amount of potential energy. The more you line up, the more potential energy is created. With a simple click you can see a chain reaction of surprising power and intensity. It is said and rightly so, that one single domino can bring down next one 50% larger than itself.

Each day is like prioritizing things i.e to find a leading domino and whack it away until it falls. This is like finding ‘that one thing’ that really matters in your life and persistently working on the same.

Extraordinary success is sequential, not simultaneous.

Anything started linear becomes geometric. When you do right things sequentially in one direction each day, overtime it adds up and a geometric potential of success is unleashed.

The domino effect is not only applied to the large projects or high weightage decisions in your life but also to those tiny moments of each day when you are trying to decide what to do next.

Whenever you see someone who has of effective skills, fair knowledge & accomplishments to attribute to; they have successfully whacked dominoes in the right direction by prioritizing things each & every day.

Are you finding your domino and whacking it up every day?
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