Along with altering many people’s career paths, restructuring our economy will alter how and where we work. Fewer people will be required to commute to their drab office cubicles daily. It is becoming increasingly possible to work from whichever location best suits your needs.

There are two popular freelancer or bootstrapping entrepreneur options: cafes or coworking spaces. Choosing a place to work is a very personal decision. Which is the best option for you? Consider the following benefits and drawbacks of each work to help you make the best decision.

Coworking spaces are primarily for freelancers or individuals who want to start their businesses.. For a freelancer, saying “I’m going to work” motivates them to stick to their schedule and get things done. Coworking spaces offer a variety of amenities at reasonable prices, and the environment keeps you as motivated as ever. The chic surroundings and top-notch facilities, from high-speed internet to dedicated conference rooms and brainstorming lounges, are driving the increased interest in coworking spaces.

The coffee shop, like coworking spaces, is an aesthetically pleasing venue known to many as a Workspace Café. Many remote workers and freelancers can crowd into cafes for their daily dose of coffee and deadlines. The appeal of coffee shops lies in their atmosphere—casual, without being flippant, and it’s especially conducive for those who work better with background noise and smell. Coffee shops are also easily accessible, with one on almost every street corner!

If you’re debating whether to join a coworking space or stick with your favorite coffee shop, here’s a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks:


The cost of renting a spot in a coworking space may put some people off, but the long-term benefits outweigh the initial outlay. Coworking spaces offer a pleasant working environment with the added benefit of 24-hour accessibility in many locations. In terms of amenities, there are several other advantages, such as access to printers, conference rooms, phone booths, and networking opportunities.

Coffee shops appear to be a cheaper option at first, but when the same cost per day is repeated over time, it adds up to be quite wasteful. While you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee every day, working at a coffee shop does not always guarantee you a table of your choice. When you have to meet a client or hold a video conference, the same chatty environment you enjoy may actually interfere with the audio.

Seating Availability

Coworking spaces are responsible for giving you an appropriate workspace according to your liking. Whether you’re comfortable with hot-desking or need a dedicated desk or cabin, you’ll definitely find the seat of your choice at a coworking space. Once you’ve copped a seat, you can work whenever you want, for however long you like. In a coworking space, you can also accommodate a larger number of people to work on a  project by signing them up as guests.

In coffee shops, you are most likely to experience your favourite spot being stolen from you because the staff is usually not obliged to reserve a table. There are also restrictions on time that force you into working only when they’re open. It’s also difficult to accommodate larger groups on a regular basis–which could be a stumbling block for start-ups planning to expand.


Coworking spaces offer a wide range of amenities. Most offices have professional-looking meeting rooms that can be reserved for important meetings with clients or investors. They also serve snacks and beverages, such as coffee and tea throughout the day. The most appealing factor to new businesses is a dependable infrastructure—tech experts and troubleshooting teams ensure that your time at the office is smooth.

Most coffee shops also provide free internet access, brew fresh coffee, and are easily accessible via a quick ‘Cafes near me’ search. Cafes with Wi-Fi, on the other hand, can lose their allure over time as many people use the same connection for various purposes. Similarly, coffee shops cannot provide separate task areas for freelancers and remote workers because they also cater to any exclusive ‘here for the coffee’ clientele.


Coworking spaces are constantly buzzing, although not in the same way that other public spaces are because those who visit are working. Many coworking spaces have dedicated areas that are either sound-proofed or closed off to allow workers to take and make phone calls peacefully. . Their conference rooms are ideal for sensitive discussions that need privacy. 

Coffee houses, in contrast, do not fare well in this regard. People talking, orders ringing in, phones buzzing, and music blaring are all common distractions in a typical coffee shop. You might end up unintentionally eavesdropping on a conversation at  the next table, which will take you away from your work for quite some time. When choosing to work in an environment where people sit and talk, the noise  can be very distracting during  important phone calls and can lead to miscommunication and frustration.


Coworking spaces are popular for connecting employees with like-minded and diverse coworkers. They also frequently host networking events such as informal gatherings, book signings, industry talks, galas, and mixers. By exchanging ideas and having informal conversations with new people in these settings, you are more likely to broaden your perspective and obtain helpful information that you can potentially incorporate into your business plans. You might also get lucky and find potential business partners, investors, and employees to help you with your venture!

Coffee shop socializing does not always involve the exchange of business knowledge. Most of the people one meets there are casual coffee drinkers who come in to take a break from their day or to grab a coffee and go. A conversation with them is most likely to be lighthearted. Coffee shop conversations are more likely to be viewed as a welcome break from a heavy workload than as an opportunity to expand on business opportunities.

The Verdict

Finally, deciding between coffee shops and coworking spaces comes down to your working style and the number of tasks on your to-do list. If you want to cross off creative or difficult tasks from your to-do list in quick succession, you should work in a coworking space. To test the waters, you could get a day pass to a coworking space near you—you’ll have access to many facilities that coworking coffee shops do not, as well as a free supply of coffee!

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