Need a change of scenery from the usual desk, walking a mile only to get to work, or just wanting to experience a creative and inspirational work environment? A Day Pass is your answer. Try Bootstart’s Day Pass today and see for yourself.

Day Passes essentially offer temporary access to all affluent amenities a workspace provides, only without having to avail permanent memberships, pool in huge investments, etc.

Day passes or pay-by-day rates allow individuals to use a workspace at any time they come in, thus avoiding those pesky-steep prices most people incur when they avail of a normal membership plan.

Let’s talk about Bootstart’s CDP or Corporate Day Pass

Day passes are bought in bulk by organizations for their employees’ pan country, providing office access to employees nearest to the residence.

But why CDP? Read along.

Benefits for corporates and employees?

  1. Relief from long-term rental commitments

The pandemic hit every business on the street. Leading to a hassle for corporates especially, to honor their previously made hefty rent commitments. With work-from-home becoming a norm, most office spaces have gone vacant, raising understandable concerns for the management.

With a third wave being expected just around the corner, Bootstart’s CDP is the most sound solution with no fixed rentals, no long-term commitments, unlike standard membership.

  1. A centralized purchase and multiple space access

Corporates and conglomerates have employees spread across the country. Having a workstation within close vicinity of one’s home is too sweet a deal to pass up. Organizations can buy day passes in bulk which can be utilized as per requirement in the given time frame.

Also, a centralized purchase of corporate day passes avoids hassles in multiple billings across spaces. Corporates can maintain one Point of Contact (POC).

  1. Saving resources by avoiding a commute

Employee productivity is directly proportional to avoidance of commuting across heavy traffic while traveling from home to office and vice versa. Having a coworking office space available within walking distance from one’s residence, also called neighborhood offices, would contribute to overall productivity for the individual and the associated organization. CDP can be a key to enhance organizational productivity.

  1. Boost to a Hub and Spoke model

Since the pandemic, companies are downsizing their headquarters owing to lack of occupancy and to avoid rentals. If paired with a coworking space, Companies’ main offices can become a hub, and the coworking properties spread across the city or country can be spokes.

Maintaining a corporate address and headquarter at the hub and providing convenience to employees at spokes can be achieved by CDP.

  1. Affordability

The good thing about a CDP is that there is no charge on the weekends, which is not the case with a normal subscription plan. Furthermore, CDP as a recharge can be spread amongst the team of employees and can be utilized by team members on a shared basis.

  1. Complimentary to WFH model

Amid COVID-19, work from home became the new normal. A trend stipulated to linger for some more time and for some employees to be quite permanent. Some organizations have already announced long-term WFH for the coming year or two.

But there are a couple of bumps on this road. WFH comes with its own set of challenges. Maintaining a work culture, employees preferring a separate work environment, etc.

CDP is a neat rescue for all where employees can work a partial week from home and the rest from the coworking setup. Thus maintaining a balance- working from home and still being in the organizational culture.

  1. Adaptation, Upsize ease

Although some sectors like IT have been at the forefront in supporting the economy in turbulent COVID times, most sectors have taken the heat. Some sectors that have seen an uptick or boomed or are expecting one in the coming cool-off months can avail CDP to avoid the uncertain workforce demand.

Even if the employee workforce increases beyond expectation, it can all be easily managed by an increased number of CDPs.

  1. Meetings for critical organizational tasks

Team leaders of respective teams in an organization can decide upon a coworking property to meet for monthly or fortnightly meetings

CDP empowers the organization to achieve crucial business functions with these task-specific meetings.

  1. Ease and basics

While working from home may have been out of choice and most did okay with it, most struggled with the basics like a dedicated workstation, good internet connectivity, a creative space. These small things add up to big ones, deriving the employee their fullest potential expression. CDP is a chance at excellent amenities and work aesthetics. 

  1. Work-life balance

Being near home but not at it. The best of both worlds is a fine takeaway for all. Employees can be closer to home and still be in an official setup.

CDP is the apt way to do it.

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