“Mom! Come and see what I’ve made”, yelled Rashi’s son, barging into her room. In the middle of a zoom call, a visibly embarrassed Rashi excuses herself and goes on mute to calm him down for the tenth time since morning. The same morning, on the other side of town is Viraj, helplessly trying to make a presentation to potential customers, “Hello, hello, hello, can you all hear me? Hello, hello”. He has used all of his methods of cajoling, screaming and pleading with the internet service providers to give him a consistent connection, but to no avail. Then, there is Shraddha, an intern, who has just joined a leading marketing agency, her first job ever. She’s ecstatic to have landed this opportunity and is learning the ropes of corporate India. All of it only through video calls. Though she’s loving the work, she’s missing out on all of the other office fun like Friday game nights, table tennis after lunch, amazing filter coffee in the cafeteria and most of all, bonding with her colleagues and getting in on their inside jokes.

All of these sound a little too relatable right? 

Looking back, there was definitely a collective sigh of relief when work from home was announced over a year ago. However, over time, it reared its ugly head too. Too many distractions at home, Wi-Fi connectivity challenges, reduced productivity and no defined log off time which meant being at work all the time. Added to it was the anxiety of the pandemic. And having to deal with all of it while being cooped up at home. No more fun weekends after a hard week at work. The loneliness got a little too real. Nostalgia showed up too, making us miss the little things we took for granted. Like the morning routine of dressing up for work. Or simply driving to work – the much needed me time to ponder amidst the rumbling of daily traffic. The ease of walking over to someone’s desk to get data in no time rather than checking their calendar and scheduling a call, wasting more than an hour in the process. Laughing hysterically at the same joke for the hundredth time whilst having lunch together. Hogging the chocolates your co-worker bought from their recent vacation. 

Clearly, most of us are excited to get back to the office. But, we’ve also become too comfortable with lounging around the house in loose clothes, napping after lunch and playing with our pets during working hours. What if we told you that we’ve found the perfect solution to this dilemma? A win-win of both worlds. Instead of having all the employees of a company work out of a single location, why don’t offices come near employees? Confusing, right! Let me explain. Though employees want to go to the office, they also want to be nearer to their homes. Companies want their employees to come to office for better productivity but they can’t force their employees, especially those that have gone back to their hometowns. Bootstart co-working to the rescue! Here’s introducing a real game-changer, in every sense of the word

The head office of the company becomes the hub and other office spaces (in the same city or in different cities) become the spokes. The company decides the spokes based on the residential locations of their employees. To give further clarity, instead of having one thousand employees at one office, the company has five locations with two hundred employees each. In this way, the employees get the flexibility to choose their place of work. As for companies, starting a new office in another location can be a daunting task. Hence, Bootstart provides customized, hassle free and ready-to-move-in office spaces. Now, companies can easily expand to different cities or different locations in the same city at much lower costs compared to traditional workspaces. This along with the flexibility of increasing or decreasing team size – companies only pay for the number of seats occupied. We are on the cusp of changing the way corporate India works. Come join us! Waiting to hear from you. Share your thoughts and queries with us on corporaterelations@bootstart.in.


Kanhaiya Kale · June 22, 2021 at 2:41 am

Please share your different locations available in Pune. We are looking for 20-30 seats arrangement in different part of Pune.

    Bootstart · June 25, 2021 at 5:53 am

    Hi Mr. Kanhaiya, please share your contact number in order reach you out.

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