Smart glasses are a type of wearable technology that allow wearers to access information and complete tasks hands-free.

They are similar to regular glasses, but include a small display screen near the wearer’s eye that can show text, images, and other information. Smart glasses can be used for a variety of purposes, including navigation, communication, enhancing productivity, and entertainment.

Smart glasses have sensors within them that allow them to be considered ‘smart,’ with many of them displaying augmented reality features. These glasses look very similar to ordinary glasses but may be thicker on the sides. There’s a microphone embedded inside most smart glasses, which can be used to initiate calls through voice control, issue requests to a voice assistant, etc.

Google has reportedly bought a company specializing in smart glasses – Raxium, which may be a move to revive its Glass product. Smart glasses have changed over the years. When they started in 2013 they were known as a way to keep your hands free while multitasking, like answering the phone while checking email. Today, they have shifted to mixed reality.

Microsoft, with its Hololens, appeals to the business sector, Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories appeal to social media users, and Apple, with its secret smart glass project, seems to be angling to conquer ordinary users.

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