Do you remember childhood days when we would write letters on post cards and send it over? But there was more, the cards had to have the right address and those tiny stamps? The stamp symbolised the destination and journey the card or letter would lead. If stamped properly, postman uncle would diligently deliver the same to the concerned person. Now, humour me for a minute and let’s try & replicate the same to our life’s journey. Have we stamped our life letter properly? Have we stamped it once or we keep on stamping it more frequently and confuse it where to go?

“Be like a postage stamp-stick to one until you get there” – Josh Billings

Ever wondered – Every human being on this planet has 24 hrs to credit everyday but why few are moving ahead, and rest are struggling for achievement? Don’t you think the achievers have stamped their life letter properly and narrowed focus to one thing or few handful of things? Whereas, strugglers have many, sometimes too many areas that require their focus hence carrying many stamps on their life letter, ultimately reaching no-where. It is said, success is built sequentially rather than simultaneously. People have carved success by laser like focus on single stamps – cricket, acting, writing, dancing, reading etc. They have found ‘THE ONE THING’; stamped the same day in and out, continuing their life journey in that direction. One with multiple stamps is diseased to hyperactivity without productivity and one with single or few stamps is blessed with less activity & more productivity.

“It’s not enough to be busy, so are ants. The question is what we are busy about”- Henry David Thoerau

Once stamped properly every day should be start with negation of could do activity and application of should do ones. We need to work with clear sense of priority as there are vital few and trivial many tasks on our to-do list. Life is not about balancing acts but more about prioritizing acts to reach the stamped journey, our stamped journey! Extra ordinary life happens with counter balancing acts.

For entrepreneurs the success lies in concentrating energy, thought & capital exclusively on the ongoing stamped business. Maximum failures in business occur in the life of entrepreneurs with multiple stamps; leading to scattering of brains and capital – multiple investments here and there, running hither and tither. ‘Don’t put all eggs in one basket’ is most often heard but rather its more commonly observed: trying to carry too many baskets have broken most eggs in this country.

Want to be successful in your life Journey? Stamp your life letter properly…

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