A new morning rises. You get ready for office work. Open your laptop. Targets are waiting to be achieved. Client is awaiting service. Pending requests are beeping on the zoom call. Sound familiar? or too familiar? So much pressure! The list goes on, a new to-do adds onto the never-ending pile of expectations. And weekends are farther away than the moon. Sigh!.. when’s the weekend?

Did you give a second thought on why we are always anticipating Friday to turn up? Why do we suffer from Monday Blues and Wednesday slumps?

Can’t everyday be like a weekend. Why are we so delighted at the start of every month, awaiting for that salary credited SMS? And once the message pings we dread the month we have to fill in. Is there a way out? Is there a way out?

Of course, yes. There is a formidable solution for everything.

When the word pressure comes to mind, it does bring us pressure. How paradoxically the world functions! Most aptitudes and attitudes come naturally to us, but many we learn-from our immediate surroundings and the kind of media we consume. Pressure is quite evidently a learned aspect, a part of our mindset. We may have internalised the wrong programming. It may well be giving the wrong output.

Work will not change but we can change our perspective of doing the work we do. We reprogram our mindset in such a way that it will not be pressured to work but rather work joyfully. Any achievable feat, certainly. The reasons we work are varied: EMIs, family expenses, personal expenses or sheer need to keep our mind engaged because we don’t know what to do with yourself. This would certainly culminate into working under pressure.

Doing the same mundane tasks can take away joy, excitement and willingness to get to the same basics of everyday life. A shift in our thought process, how we look at work can bring such differences in the output of the work we do. Our drive to work is the flip in attitude that’s required. Have you ever visited the company page and searched for ‘Vision’ of the organisation? ‘Vision’ is such a pivotal word but so often neglected. It is the word which drives the entire organisation, about which many employees are unaware.

“To be the forerunner of inspiring décor and to actively empower customers to create their dream homes,” beams Asian paints. This is a vision to hold dear for every Asian Paints employee, one they can try to live up to everyday and hence enjoy their work and not come to dread it.

If we were to know the answer for the question of our purpose towards our organisation, we’d definitely wouldn’t await a weekend. Every day would be one. Any organisation is a part of a society at large, towards which we all have a responsibility. Doing what is needed to be done with full involvement brings greater satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment and ultimately makes us feel happier. It’s not easy but nothing is if we don’t practice it every day. Working with a wholesome attitude shouldn’t be an act but a habit, one we practise every day- reminding us of the bigger purpose.

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