You wake up and start prepping for the day ahead. You’ve showered and now as you open your wardrobe you may have found yourself losing not just a couple of minutes but whole bunches of them on choosing clothes!

Or are you of the kind who picks up that stands in your closest proximity? Well, either ways you’d agree on one thing- just deciding on how you’d like to dress, you’ve also lost your morning momentum!

How is it that the morning as brilliant as the word sounds can get so exhausting with each decision you take? Of it all, it starts with the clothes you have to wear! They say, “the more the merrier.” But in this case and you’ll soon learn- “the less the better.”

Let’s talk more of it in detail!

Has it ever crossed your mind that a wardrobe full of clothes or a house full of objects or even a full inbox of emails has given you more anxiety than happiness? Have you ever paused to wonder why so? Research shows that having many items or things can cause mental clutter and quite rightly so!

Try it: work on a messy and cluttered workstation for a day. Now on day 2, declutter your desk, organise it and get on with work. At the end of second day, you’ll be astounded by the difference! Day 2 would be much more productive.

This applies in all arenas of life. It stands true for your bookshelf worth piles of unread books. With the many apps in the phones we never use. Buying huge homes to fill in with stuff we don’t need and so much more. A want for more and more of everything has made us work-day and night to grab it but ultimately left us with a daunting question, “where are we really headed with all of the materialism?”. And once we cross the threshold of anything it acts as a bane rather than a boon.

Trending fashion pulls us to buy the latest version of everything whether it is clothes, cars, mobiles, bikes, ceramics or appliances. With capitalism, consumerism and twisted advertising, we are constantly made to feel as if we are losing out in life and the current trends if we don’t own the next latest whatever. This vicious circle keeps on repeating in every product touching our day to day living, until the end of life. Only a few fortunate ones make sense of this cycle. Even businesses who have diversified into irrelevant segments have suffered heavy losses and those who have focused prospered.

Now comes the most practical of questions. Do you want to change? Do you want to be focused? If you’ve answered Yes for all. Then ‘Minimalism’ is your answer. Minimalism- the power of less.

Before you buy something. Wait for a couple of days, that should make it clear for you if you really need the item or are you buying out of amusement or because it just looks pretty! Ask yourself if the particular purchase will bring more of a financial liability rather than utility? Can you start this decluttering and conscious decision making from one aspect of our life and let it then spread to other aspects of your life? Choose one thing that really matters and just go with it!

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