Have you experienced a wave of cool breeze touching your body and a chill runs down your spine leaving you shivering for a while? Even a slight wave of cool breeze affects our body.

And what do you think goes on for our mental fitness?

Our immediate environment and surroundings shape our future, the stand’s more imminent during our formative years, our childhood. We come out to be the compilation of our family, culture, neighborhood, friends, school, college etc. Each of these have impacted our mental patterns. Don’t you think if we would have born somewhere else all of these above-mentioned aspects would have changed and would have shaped us in different manner?

Our thought process and mental framework starts right after conception when we are in our mother’s womb. Every stimulus we’ve received no matter how passively does determine us. First our immediate surroundings shape us, then we do them.

Most of us are the by-product of our own subconscious mind’s programming. Among the many other attributes, we hold, blame is a prominent one. We can often find ourselves quarrelling with ourselves and others around us. Asking questions like why am I like this? Why does it all happen to me? Why am I not like her/him?

Asking these questions even for a lifetime does not bring about the change we wish to see. You see, everyone is the by-product of his surroundings and no two people can be alike. We are the way we are by chance and not by choice, nor others. This being said, after we reach a certain maturity and understanding and acceptance level, we can be held for our position in life and our decisions. We are then no more a product of chance but rather of our own choices.

So, how does one reach this stage? Should we accept ourselves the way we are? Yes, of course. But should we remain like this or do we hold the ability to change? Yes, you can change. But change can happen only after acceptance. Once you become receptive of your mental pattern you can change yourself. In this feat of courage, you’ll require a lot of earnestness. That matters a lot. Are you ready to move away from blaming and take conscious steps towards changing yourself? It’s a task far easier said than done, but then you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. So many years have been spent shaping this personality. But that’s the only solution. Blaming is not. Stop blaming yourself.

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