We live in the age of information, there is access to infinite information but sadly we humans do not have the bandwidth to take it all in. With this constant access to information, news and trends and all unique forms of distractions, the mind does become cluttered. Not all information is clutter though, it does serve a purpose: to aid us survive in the world, bring us joy. 

All this excess information, nevertheless, crowd the mind with a million thoughts or to be precise: 1 thought per second, or about 50 thoughts per minute, 3000 per hour and so on and so forth.

And boy are those enough or what! 

So, what does this mean? When we are busy drowning in our thoughts, the task at hand suffers. It simply can be said that lives are spent in search of a spare minute of solitude, even from one is oneself!

What does then one do to swim out of this whirlpool?

  • Strengthening the will power, so that you choose doing the right thing, at the right time, in the appropriate manner- this may seem vague, but give it a minute to sink in. Ask yourself honestly how many times do you really allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in the task you are engaged in? You’ll get the answer right away.
  • Sync mind and body: our mind tires with all the thinking, the body does not. The body is more static, causing disharmony between the two. This ultimately affects all aspects of our life. 
  • All muscles need a form of strengthening exercise to let it perform better. Recreational activities that include being in nature like walking, camping, exploring new places are proven to be refreshing.
  • Meditation is a must.
  • Journaling is another medium to quiet the mind chatter and find more clarity. 

Above it really boils down to choosing the right thing for yourself. Believing that you deserve good. And sometimes this all is a little difficult, but that’s what life is all about. To choose wisely, to make tough choices that eventually serve us for the ultimate higher purpose.

Remember: Mind over Matter.

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