There has been enough talk about the pandemic. The news channels won’t stop, the newspapers quoting a new variant won’t either and to top it off, social media is filled to brim with protests, requests, party pictures (of the ones who don’t mind being shamed) and other pandemic related memes and videos follow. 

With the world just happening to celebrate the first (hopefully, only!) anniversary of the infamous virus let’s settle in with a cup of chat for some good-for-the-soul-mind-talk.

Zeroing In:

Zeroing in on what your mind is asking to pay attention upon.

Zeroing in on what the gut is earning for you to listen carefully.

Zeroing in on how your body inherently has been asking to be treated.

Well, these are all the zeroing in’s that tend to the bigger questions of life and its beautiful purpose.

Honestly, with the self-made distractions and high stimulus’s created around us in these recent times, zeroing in might not be as easy as it looks. It’s rather a journey. A journey monks, philosophers and other coherent folks have taken thousands of years ago and reached their ultimate goals; because each person lives to fulfil her/his own life purpose. 

In the current world situation we are in, let’s unclench our jaw, loosen those shoulders and take a deep breath. Let this breath become the deepest breath of your day. Then zero in: on yourself. Take up tasks and activities that bring you in alignment with your mission, life goal and purpose. Because if anything, we come to realise the value of this breath, sunlight and freedom only now! 


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