Love by definition in its simplest form is an intense feeling of deep affection. It is deemed to be a great interest and pleasure in something. To quote the ancient Greeks who had 6 sophisticated words and varied definitions for love:

  1. Philia – a deep friendship
  2. Ludus – playful love
  3. Agape – love for everyone
  4. Pragma – long-standing love
  5. Eros – sexual passion
  6. Philautia – love for the self

The four-letter word has a typical, usually judged before understanding its underlying connotation. Love is looked at only as a romantic relationship by most, often because of a lack of awareness of one’s boundaries or conflicted expectations from others. We seek all the above 6 variations of greek love in one person, a witch hunt for a soulmate!

But what of this perspective of love was to be widened? Maybe not so much as looking for love than rather seeking truer, deep, and meaningful relationships. This would definitely put less burden on a particular relationship.

At the workplace, uttering the four-letter word may seem inappropriate. But awareness about what love is, what it entails, the responsibilities that come with it, the boundaries one needs to respect and set are all but some definite conversations. Yes, even at the workplace! Being loved, cared for, and respected are the very essentials to any relationship. Teams tend to function in more tandem when everyone feels they are understood. This definitely leads to more efficient and productive meetings and in turn brings out fruitful projects. A win-win for both employees providing them with a safe workspace and for organizations to achieve their company mission.

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