The weekend is here. Every-day is a weekend! Who? What weekend?

Which of these do you resonate with? If you’re on no3, BINGO ****

Disclaimer: Reading ahead is beneficial for you.

With days getting mixed up, dates being forgotten and months passing by never before, the once much awaited weekend has vanished! But it’s about time you take some chalk and draw some boundaries. Because no weekends can never become the new normal.

Here is how to Prep for your week in such a way that by Friday afternoon you’re done with most of your work. Giving yourself evening to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Let your colleagues know that you wouldn’t be available for work calls/ zoom meetings or on email until Monday morning.

Book yourself with some diy self-care you can indulge in on the weekend.

Now some of you folks might want to just take it slow and sleep in, be by yourselves and stay low-key. And that works just fine. You do you. On the other hand, some might want to catch up on hobbies and get together with family and friends (of course whilst following social distance norms!)

The point is to be clear beforehand on how you’d like to spend your weekend. You wouldn’t want to waste it in haze over how to spend it, right?

The weekend is here if you want and not if you don’t. Prepping is the deal breaker.

We’d recommend a hot shower, comfy pj’s, yummy food and a cozy bed. These sure do sound nice. Or how does a book and a tall iced tea sound? A nice board game with the fam or roommates would be so fun, with rounds of samosas and garam chai! A dinner date in the balcony with the partner will surely cheer you up!

It can be done; is all we’re saying. Just chalk your boundaries, feel the vibe and get some chill on!

Happy Weekend Y’all!
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