Conflict Resolution

Every workplace comprises employees. As humans be, we speak and work and socialise irrespective of the setting we are in. This at some point quite naturally, may and will give rise to conflict.

Let’s get cracking on how to deal with these eggy situations:

  1. Proactive Communication: This strategy will help you understand the crux of the problem and come up with a formidable solution. Having an enhanced communication skill lets you tackle the issue at hand headfirst.
  1. Active Listening: This falls second in line, because what is communication if not speaking and listening. Also, beware of passively hearing. That won’t help anyone! Listening to the two parties in conflict let’s them feel heard, it invariably paves way for mutual understanding and respect. We all yearn to be heard and understood, this stage here itself solves many problems right there.
  1. Empathy: When we speak and listen, we understand. Being understanding and feeling understood create a sense of empathy within oneself. It also builds self esteem. Empathising with the person we are in conflict with let’s us ask the right questions- questions that aren’t coming from a place of ego but one’s that will help find a solution to the issue at hand. It doesnt let either party in conflict feel attacked.
  1. Fairness: Being equipped and well versed with the above 3 virtues. It let’s the person managing the conflicting act fairly and in everyone’s finest interest. With fairness any dispute can be managed in a diplomatic and most furtifying manner. It also imbibes a culture of inclusivity at the workplace.

Being mindful of our actions and words coupled with patience set the tone for building a harmonious workplace. Taking your time in building up these conflict resolution skills will surely bore positive outcomes while resolving any disputes in the organisation.

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