In the simplest words, working from home isn’t really working. Sure we are making do with what the situation presents us, but given a choice most individuals would willingly choose going to the office, walking past meeting rooms, working around and with colleagues, standing around the cafeteria, and sharing office quips and gossip.

2020-2021 has radically changed the office space scenario all over the globe. Working from home was a luxury earlier, now it has become the need of the hour. Virtual office and pajama workdays are a wish that has come true too soon, most preferring only the latter now! A wish that we can let go of once the pandemic recedes to eventually vanish. Suit up and show up! Meanwhile, if there is one thing that the pandemic taught us, is that we all need to be part of a community where one of the main human needs is connection and belonging. Having space where familiar faces are across the desk and not the screen has become a bittersweet realization. Some say it’s because of the human need for connection that offices are a physical manifestation of the company and the brand’s embodiment. Flocks of employees may not be able to gather at one space but can be placed in scattered smaller working spaces, or in shared office spaces where the same office environment can be reproduced.

Coworking spaces are incredibly valuable for they are built to foster human connection and protect work life boundaries. Collaborative spaces are excellent for community building, as they can host networking events and workshops. Coworking spaces are essentially the inevitable global upgrade, the pandemic has only hastened their importance.

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