Camaraderie doesn’t happen by accident; developing a strong sense of trust, accountability, and togetherness around team goals requires intentional effort.” Don Yeager 

The past year has been one of the fleeting moments of worry, anxiousness, and pain for many, chaotic and tumultuous to say the least. With the economics still spinning, work has halted only for some, and others remain working behind screens, isolated. Work from home being the new normal, we have an important message for the virtual leaders behind these screens:

  • The no. 1 advice is to lead with empathy. Keeping in mind that everyone is undergoing stress at their career, personal or existential level.
  • Being considerate about the fact that everyone has a different capacity of coping with this stress and that they are doing their best given the resources they have
  • Bringing peace and calm to the virtual workplace might be just the respite every member requires right now.


Leaders can start with establishing a space of understanding and acknowledgment for the team member for the issues and needs they have.

Then, making the time to listen to your team members by being there for them.

Coming up with unique and creative steps to resolve the issue at hand.

Remember lastly, it is not the number of hours they punch in, but the outcome they deliver. Developing a bond of camaraderieship with each other, on the foundations of compassion and consideration will matter at the end of the day. These values are what build a strong and ethical work culture, sculpting organizations for success.

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