How has it been for the other half of the population? 

While the world has been under a grim light during this global pandemic, the woman folk have had to face unique challenges of their own. The first couple of months were a haze and everyone was still settling in, learning the new ways of normal. While it’s been 14 months of WFH for most, and physically we have calmed the jitters of being indoors, the appropriate attitude required to deal with this novel situation hasn’t quite been understood or adapted yet, especially for the other half of the population.

For instance, living in city apartments with in-laws and kids if any, while having to manage gender-biased home chores while juggling and delivering work at the office. Lack of child-care facilities, having to move to rural family settings due to city-wide lockdown has also increased home responsibilities for working women. These aren’t menial discomforts. These are real issues faced by real women, having to cope with life amidst this diasporic new normal. 

In one of her brilliant works, A Room Of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf asks, “What conditions are necessary for the creation of art?” And what is one’s work of passion if not art created every day? One of Woolf’s most famous quotes from the same book says, “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” And why, may I ask that not apply to all womenfolk even in this century? Must they not have a space of their own to deliver the work they are expected to? Wouldn’t having a dedicated space that is not enmeshed with a constant reminder to tend to the home chores and responsibilities yield an effective work outcome? WFH essentially negates this utter need. Wish you had this option at walking distance from your home? A place you can pop in, work, and get back to home life asap? We, at Bootstart, are your answer to all worries. We understand that an office space near your home will help you to cater to your familial responsibilities as well as official ones. The guilt of prioritizing anything above the family’s needs is still pretty much a prevalent pinch point. Until lockdowns are eased, try options like temporary workplaces that offer conducive spaces.

Bootstart offers clean, healthy, and well-ventilated shared spaces while keeping in mind all your work setting needs. Book a desk with us today!


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