Can you imagine the constitution of India amended frequently? What would be the situation of this country? Every month new articles would lead to confusion and chaos amongst the population because it is the foundation on which the whole country is dependent.

The world is in a state of uncertainty and instability where dramatic disruptions and rapid changes are happening every day. We as an organization are prompted to bring radical changes. But do you think that we should keep changing, morphing, leaping, and transforming with everything that hits at us? Not really. Right? Every organization is a result of the consistent set of practices followed every day. If we react to every external change, we would quickly find ourselves incapacitated. It also does not mean one should remain complacent to changes; we should incorporate the same when the conditions truly require a change; we should respond by amending the recipe. 

The word “SMaC” stands for Specific, Methodical, and Consistent. These are the set of practices that are more enduring than the tactics. Tactics change from situation to situation, whereas SMaC practices can last for decades and apply across a wide range of circumstances.

The more uncertain environment you are operating in, the stronger should be your SMaC recipe. Every organization should build a solid SMaC recipe, adhere to it, and amend it when required will lead to long-term success.

Apple’s DNA has not changed even after so many years. For example: allow no one else clone our product, make design friendly and elegant, keep secrecy and do big launches to capture pent-up excitement. During dark days, Apple was left behind not because its original recipe did not work, but it lacked the discipline to adhere to the same. When Steve Jobs returned, he reinstated the principles which we call the SMaC recipe, which he used to launch a company from the garage to greatness.

So, what is your SMaC recipe? Are you adhering to the same?  

This blog is inspired from the book – Great By Choice – Jim Collins

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