We all dread that question, very often thrown quite casually at us yet one that’s given us sleepless nights and headless-chicken-like days! Haven’t you ever wondered, “what is my Passion? what drives me?”

Many a time a question is thrown at us – What’s your passion? Are you following your passion? How do you plan to pursue your passion? When will your passion be your means to livelihood? Although some of us really know it and have clear cut answers for the same, the majority stands confused.

When that lonely moment in the most crowded and buzzed places catches you and you ask yourself the inevitable question: others know their passion, why not me? When will I find it? Or is everyday going to be spent the same, in random idleness and the mundane and less meaningful? Only to wake up at the end of life in utter regret. You are panting and already have seen your future self and boy oh boy! It does not look pretty!

Okay. Pause. Take a deep breath. If you haven’t found your passion yet, which is why you are still probably reading, take a pause and relax. The key to anything really is being calm and precariously carve your next steps. Let’s do the same here.

There are a lot of talks on finding and following your passion. Philosophers, writers, speakers and legends have given quite the weightage to this word, so we have ways that are tried and tested. We can find how to go about this delightful dilemma together.

Being overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of self-help books, blogs and podcasts is one reaction you can have, the other however is to research and march onward. And why not! You won’t lose anything this way at the least.

First let’s understand what passion really means? “An intense emotion given to a particular thought process is a passion.” Saw Sachin Tendulkar playing, and you started with a cricket. Saw Michael Jackson dancing and you enjoyed dancing moves. What really is this? You gave an intense emotion to cricket and the dancing moves and that turned out to be your passion.

But what of those who haven’t had the opportunity to meet their passion yet? Who never felt that intense rush of emotions for something? And of those who know what they want to do in life but life got in the middle, responsibilities caught up with them? What about them?

It’s okay. For now, all that you’re doing is okay. Don’t worry. Just do what is needed. Just do what is required. Passion is a demanding prospect. In the sense that it can take away afar amount of your time, mental space and energy, leaving you elevated at the end of it but a selfish feat if the generic on looker were asked. Praise should also be given upon those who’ve seen themselves involved in its act and yet given it up for some or the other reason; courageous. Also, let’s not forget it’s not all cake and no cake walk. Pursuing any act requires minimal work that’s always a task. But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do!

So, stop blaming and being regretful of not finding passion. Don’t give up on it. Rather pursue it relentlessly. Meanwhile also pat yourself on your back on your back for all that you’ve accomplished against all odds. Not liking something and still keeping at it shows your commitment to the purpose of your task. It doesn’t mean regular; it means you are still work in progress.

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