The alarm goes noisily. You don’t want to wake up but, mum’s cries for ironed uniform, milk with toast and the school bus honking the whole neighbourhood to life. School bells, fun PT lectures and looking forward to lunch break so that you get time to even more play. All this and those drowsy lectures that followed. Sigh! Those were the days! This is the past now. Burning the midnight lamp, last minute study jam sessions and sleepless nights to complete journals and assignments. Studying hard to

crack that next entrance. Waiting for the final list to come. Confusions, decisions to be made and consequences to weigh. All this and yet the first bike, bike ride, first night out, bunking lectures to catch up on movies and that first relationship. Ah! Those were the days! This is the past now.

Scavenging your way back home, in the thickest of traffic. Pouring earnest efforts, sweat, blood all alike, you climb up the corporate ladder. Managing office, home and being a new responsible adult. Coming back home to a weekend seems like the only relief and you do plan to make the most of it! Spending time with your partner, children and family and friends that sounds like the much-required relaxation. Buying that dream home, the latest mobile, the fancy new car you saw just yesterday. This goes on. This will be the past.

In hindsight, it all appears rather quick, doesn’t it? Crossing one bridge of life to meet the next phase seems quite apparent. Life is very much like the sweet weekend, if you may. But do you take yours too seriously? Hopefully not, for your sake at least! If only we were to live our life like we do our weekends, in a relaxed, loosened and fun way, you’d only give yourself more memories, relationships and values to be grateful for. Just like, repenting the lost Sunday doesn’t do any good, a lost life wouldn’t do either. Live like a traveller, who is here to observe, learn, be his fullest self and enjoy. Experiences, pleasant or bitter, don’t matter on the weekend because we very well know it is short and we’ve got to utilize it to the best of our resources.

So, loosen yourself, life is only one breathe. Live yours deeply not so seriously! We never know when we’ll have to pack up!

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