Re-starting afresh amidst a global pandemic does sound a bit daunting, if not completely nerve wrecking or does it!

With masks, social distancing, work from home, virtual coffee dates and even virtual sangeets and baby showers becoming the new normal, we the human race, have time and again proved our adaptation and accommodation ability; we have had a bigger goal- survival. Physical fitness ensures longevity. But what about the ‘animo’ – our mastermind? How are we helping it cope, build resilience with the changing times? The sound words of Fred Van Amburgh echo evidently saying,

“All the advice in the world will never help you until you help yourself.”

And how can we do it? Many acts of self help can be listed. Today, let’s talk about videos that might prove to be of more help as most of our screen time is consumed by them.

  1. Matt D’avella
  2. Better Ideas
  3. Rowena Tsai
  4. Simple Victoria
  5. Thomas Frank
  6. Ashley Nichole
  7. Hitomi Mochizuki

These are just a few amazing creators on Youtube, ranked in a random order. Their content is as inspiring and fact revealing as its solution based and practical while also being entertaining and aptly amusing.

But at the end of the day, we’ve got to remember that no matter how much inspiration we gather, to be able to act upon it is the real deal breaker; a courageous act in itself.

The elephant in the room then is, “Are you ready to help yourself?”

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