In school do you remember math class, when a teacher would give a problem to solve and everyone would get engrossed in solving it? Have you ever wondered which side of the brain you were using at the time? I understand this is just out of the whack. But let me answer the now risen curiosity- it was a Left brain. Now think of a drawing class when you were asked to draw something using your own imaginative skills? With a lot of thought we would first visualize our art in our mind and then let it flow onto the paper.

Usually, it would be mountains, small huts, sun rising from between the mountains, trees etc. For this activity your Right brain was dominating. We never realized this in school, nobody really spoke of it- about the working of the Whole Brain. I wonder if we were taught about this, we would have tried to balance both sides.

As much we would love reminiscing school days, let’s get back to today; go over our current lifestyle. Maximum part of the day is spent on work or business activities where critical analysis, decision making, calculations are involved. We are stressing on the left cortex of the brain. Suddenly a tune slips in your ear from the nearby speaker, listening to music while at work you instantly switch to right cortex and feel relaxed. But what if it is done consciously? Each day balancing both the cortex.

If you are spending 70% of the day on logical activities like family issues, official issues, relationship issues at least 30% of it should be spent on creativity. It could be any hobby/activity like dancing, listening to music, drawing, painting, photography, cooking, playing sports. Proportional use of the ‘Whole Brain’ determines the quality of your life. Many a times our mood swings are a result of the unnecessary burden on one of the cortex (right or left) of the brain. But we fail to understand this when in times of distress.

In case of individuals who are highly creative in their fields, having their right cortex highly functional; they may have not developed their left cortex-controlled skills as much as the right cortex. For example, an artist may create highly appreciated and valued art but may not be able to market it or get to its logistics. They know how to create but don’t know how to manage business. On the other hand, a businessman whose left part of the brain is dominant may not be as creative. Innovation in any era or field is what has helped man evolve.

Having left and right sides of the brain, lets us create new ideas as well as cope with the monotony of the routine that is equally required. If both, creative artists and businesspersons were to consciously manage both the cortex in a balanced manner, it would yield favourable results.

So, are you balancing your Right & Left Brain? If not, start today! And see the difference yourself.

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