The last two years have been difficult for everyone. We all are very much versed with the reasons and of the fact that much cannot be done about it, except to sit it out in the waiting game. Of course, meanwhile hopefully waiting for better vaccination drives and support from local administration, we can soon get the show on the road.

The Indian market is driven by sentiment and coworking follows the same ethos. There have been polls on LinkedIn, and eminent personalities, and subject matter experts are enthusiastically expanding on the future of work being remote; and how it will affect the real estate landscape. We have communities built around the thesis of permanent work from home. Also some excellent support systems being drawn up by organizations to handle the transitions. These are different times and adaptation is a sapiens forte. There is one hiccup though, particularly for the Indian WFH community but I do have a viable solution for the same.

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India can be termed as a fairly young nation when ranked with other world nations. While this may have its perks, one concrete challenge is lack of maturity. We have large companies declaring permanent WFH and 4 day week, no work calls post 6 pm, etc. and that sounds great but also vaguely rote. Companies soon will come up with addendum clauses excluding some team members from these commandments. And why would this be happening? Simply because being a young country we are dependent on leaders, teams, and knowledge sessions to grow our intellectual capability in any role. Also, a younger team needs more monitoring and guidance. This can be achieved to heightened efficiency by a physical tête-à-tête, discussions, and 360s.
Most Indians, for a lack of a better definition, are highly social. We love to meet relatives, friends, our neighbors, our neighbor’s neighbor, and mingle. we thoroughly enjoy sitting down for meals, gazing at each other’s dabbas. We gather much joy in 15 minutes Galli cricket and chai sutta breaks with office colleagues. We enjoy yapping with our taxi share friend about brother’s exploits in the US and so and so forth. You get the vibe of it! point being, we like it loud, outside, vibrant, and we all of it. We shall not be cooped up!

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We live in small homes, at least most of us do. Not everyone has the luxury of a separate room. most of us have been working between the kitchen and the bathroom or sitting at that one tiny corner on the dining table [a lot of smiles at this one ;)] You may give me a fancy table and an ergonomic chair and chances are my grandpa will sit on the chair and snooze, while my table will replace the one which is used for climbing up and cleaning the fans. Yes, I may have spotty internet, I may not have fiber availability and yes, my face will be permanently stuck in some weird pose on the zoom meet, while the rest of my colleagues have a hearty one! Quiet honestly, this cannot be endured for long.
Truth be told we are not a first-world country. We do not have the best infrastructure or the perks that come with high-paying jobs like those of the senior management. But nevertheless we do emulate their thoughts on the same. It’s about time and something has to give, and that right there is CoWorking to the rescue. You may call it Hybrid, Remote, Hub and Spoke (by the way, Bootstart has a superb model on this), Flexible, etc. at the end of the day it is about your people, their need to belong to something greater than 4 walls, something that will open the flood gates and drive folks back to the office even if it’s just for a few days of the week. Maybe also just a peek in my dabba and much on the snack.. We Indians 🙂 I do love my country!
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